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Date added: 7 February 2022

Take advantage of Katarzyna Gajek’s valuable advice - she’s a wedding industry expert and a woman with passion!


The new, autumn season of the “And I will not leave you until the wedding” programme in TVN Style has gained strong substantive support from Kasia Gajek.

The production of “And I will not leave you until the wedding” is a real challenge. Each episode features a different couple, whose wedding day is approaching very fast. And although there isn’t much time left, they usually still have quite a lot of important things to take care of.

Many people believe that the organization of a wedding and reception is a piece of cake. Well, what can be complicated about it – you have to settle matters in the registry office and church, buy clothes and wedding rings, rent a venue and a band, and done. However, only when they start planning their own wedding, they realize there is so much more to take care of than they have previously anticipated. It requires a lot of time and money. Sometimes the organization of the celebration proves to be totally beyond them.

This is the case with couples who apply to participate in the programme. The host – Izabela Janachowska, supported substantively and technically by the production team, helps to avoid many troubles for the Bride & Groom and fulfills their dreams of their special, extraordinary day.

In the latest season, Kasia Gajek helps the participants to solve problems related to the organization of wedding ceremony and reception.

Keep your fingers crossed for the success of all celebrations. Soon we will inform you of the premiere date of the first episode created in cooperation with the Aspire wedding agency.

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