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Date added: 7 February 2022

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Take advantage of Katarzyna Gajek’s valuable advice - she’s a wedding industry expert and a woman with passion!


The year 2020 turned out to be full of surprises. The spring pandemic has changed the plans of many people, including wedding planners. But it also opened new doors, created opportunities and possibilities for development. One of them turned out to be a proposal to cooperate on the “Who will refuse the Bride” show, broadcasted on TVN7 from September to November 2020. The programme, hosted by Małgorzata Ohme, a psychologist and TV presenter, breaks conventions and social rules. The show features girls who decided to take matters into their own hands and propose to their partners, thus fulfilling their dream of a wedding ceremony and beautiful reception. And at this point, Katarzyna Gajek, a wedding planner with 15 years of experience, appears. Her task was to organize the wedding, not yet knowing the answer of the “fiancé”, having only a week at her disposal. She also did not have the opportunity to have long conversations with the ladies to get to know them and their dreams better. The wedding – decorations, menus and attractions – were selected on the basis of short surveys prepared by the production. In addition to vast organizational skills, Kasia also had to show great empathy and sensitivity, as well as the ability to “read minds”.

During the project, within three months, Kasia organized 10 wedding ceremonies and receptions, each in a different corner of Poland. Different styles, different themes, different expectations and reactions – this experience is a catalog of market opportunities and an amazing lesson on how to act under time pressure.

You can watch all episodes of the programme on the player.pl platform, photos and accounts of the ladies are available on the programme’s Facebook profile.

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