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Date added: 7 February 2022

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In this year’s edition of the ZankYou International Wedding Awards 2018, Aspire agency was awarded twice. We are very happy to be distinguished in the “Wedding Consultant” category both at the regional level, where the TOP 10 service providers are distinguished, and at the national level, where only the top THREE receive awards. ZIWA is an international plebiscite, its organizer is the ZankYou wedding portal – present in 23 countries around the world, in which over 350,000 couples are registered and which records about 5 million visits every month.

ZIWA are the first awards that are awarded by both Brides & Grooms and professionals from the wedding industry. I am proud that our work has been noticed and distinguished by both groups.

This is yet another edition of the plebiscite, in which we received the award, which means that the quality of our services is constantly at a high level, and we have been operating in this demanding industry for over 13 years.

I thank everyone who voted for Aspire. This award is also an additional motivation and energy booster for us to try even harder and plan even more beautiful and even more original wedding receptions.

Congratulations to all the other winners of the ZIWA2018 plebiscite, including those in the wedding planner category and those who have been awarded in other categories.

Kasia Gajek

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